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School Educational Program

Offered by Camp Howze MVPA Living Historians

We offer various programs that can be brought to your location and presented:

  1. Food for The Troops - Presentation about the Food of the Soldiers (Can include D Ration Treats)

  2. Gear of the Soldier - Students can see in person and handle/wear Period Uniforms 

  3. Military Vehicle Walk Around - Actual WWII Vehicle brought onsite and demonstrated and Discussed


Item 1 and 2 are based on Intermediate and Middle School aged groups, Item 3 can be all Grade levels. We can discuss in more detail your group size, time frame, and presentation available based on your districts location.


Please email us your name, email, and number if your School (Public or Private) has interest in one of these presentations or you would like a field trip to one of our partners to present to your group offsite.


This opportunity is free to the school and all we need is to schedule. We are booking sessions for the Spring of 17 and only have so many dates we have presenters blocking out their time, so if your district or class is interested please contact us soon to make sure your plugged into this great educational offering! 



Plainview ISD, OK

Taking advantage of our program early in March!

Interested in having us onsite at your location or event, check out this form.

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