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Glock 43 Pistol Raffle Ticket

Hi Viz Front Sight, 2 Magazines


All persons that are 18 or older and purchasing a Raffle Ticket must read and agree to Raffle Rules. Document is available here for download.
History Alive Weekend 2016 has added to the iconic M1 Garand Rifle Raffle an additional Glock 43 Pistol Package. The Glock 43 is a great Concealed Carry Choice and this unit come with Hi Viz Front Sights!
With only 300 Tickets for the M1 Garand and 100 for the Glock 43 they will go fast so get your today!

M1 Garand Rifle Ticket

Max Tickets - 300

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USO Show 2016 - Premier Event to kick off weekend with great food, fellowship, and entertainment with Gainesville Swing Orchestra and Bob Hope!


Only 400 tickets will be available and these will go fast. Many will be in Civillian and Military Period clothing, with door prizes and concluding night with the great Raffle Drawings you do not want to miss out!



Buy 1 Ticket here >

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Buy 5 Tickets here >

USO Tickets are at 100 or less as of 09-27-2016, Hurry and get yours today!

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